Dr. Dorothy E. Shallua is a dynamic public and motivational speaker. She is an empowerment specialist with a focus of encouraging individuals to strive for excellence, establish distinct vision, pursue their dreams and seize opportunities presented before them in their lives. She believes and advocates practical Christian ways that exemplifies faith in the marketplace. She conducts speaking engagements in the community, businesses, churches and small interest groups.

Dr. Dorothy E. Shallua has doctorate in Nursing and also trained as an accountant, currently, she is an entrepreneur and successful business owner. She is the Vice President of Mount Eagle College and University in Winston Salem, North Carolina which she co-founded with her husband Dr. Lucas D. Shalluain Feb 2010. She is the owner of Mount Eagle Health Care a health care agency committed to offering quality nursing care to people of all ages. The agency serves to provide an alternative employment opportunity to graduates of the college. As a social philanthropist she co-founded Mount Eagle Foundation, a non-for-profit organization with a Section 501(c)(3) status that provides scholarship funding for students, assists in fundraising activities and soliciting donations to further the mission of the college and proposed university.

Dr. Dorothy E. Shallua has been married to Dr. Lucas D. Shallua for 18 years and together has three children, Emmy, Joshua and Dora.

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