Eliminate Fears to do Great Exploits!

Eliminate Fears to do Great Exploits!

Do you know that in spite of all your goals and dreams, your fear can sabotage your success this year? That’s right. Feelings of insecurity, self-doubt, anxiety, negative words, these are all ways by which we express fear, and they do not necessarily mean that there is danger ahead. Sadly, all of these emotions can limit your growth this year. Still, you want to grow, right? What then can you do to get rid of fear? Eliminate them immediately. Don’t wait, don’t dwell, flip the switch and turn it off. Tell yourself, “I have no fear”

Do you know that nobody is born with fear, neither you nor I?How come we all experience fear at one point in our life? This is because fear was learned as we grew older, and it can be unlearned. To most people fear is a normal phenomenon; their past is filled and labeled with sore experiences that scare them. However, you are different from these people. You are a warrior, and nothing should scare you. The most common fear that you may face is from past experience, and if not taken care of it will interfere with your dreams. Why did you not accomplish your goal last year? Why did you fail that course last year? Why did you lose your relationship last year?

It is sad that you recorded some failures last year, nevertheless, you should not allow those failures to affects your success this year. Do not allow your fear on relationship make you lose a God fearing and outstanding young man. Fear can make you lose many beautiful opportunities, because it keeps whispering to your ear how terrible you are at writing, how unprofessional you are at your job. Don’t allow your fear stop you this year.

“Fear has a large shadow, but he himself is small.” Ruth Gendler.

Fear is self magnifying; it portrays itself like a mountain, whereas it is tiny. I want you to tell yourself today, “My fears are too small to stand in the way of my goals”, as you affirm this; believe that your fears are insignificant in the light of your dream.

Here are few ways to eliminate your fears and achieve your dreams:

  • Identify your fears: Everyone has fears, you need to admit it, acknowledge it and point it out. Why? I know that sometimes, ignoring the problem can look like a good way to handle it, but then it festers and worsens. You cannot fix what you do not know, so make this the very first step on your way to eliminating fear. Are you scared of trying a new thing? Do you have stage fright? Are you scared of height, or meeting new people? I encourage you to make a list of your fears, in the different areas of your life, in a journal.
  • Deal with negative thoughts: The fuel to fear is negative thoughts. You must train your mind to produce only positive thoughts. Focus on positive thoughts; say them to yourself, turn them into a chant in your mind, meditate on them. What do you think of when you are asked to deliver a presentation at work? What are your thoughts when you attend an interview? I want you to know that you are good enough; beautiful, handsome and intelligent. The next time the enemy comes to attack your mind, deal with him immediately by the word of God. You can only conquer thoughts with spoken words, so ensure that you meditate on the word of God daily, so you can always have a renewed and transformed mind.

 “Casting down imaginations, and every high thing hat exalteth itself against the knowledge of God, and bringing into captivity very thought to the disobedience of Christ;”

 Corinthians 10:5-7

Learn to consciously address every negative thought or situation with the word of God. What has God said about you? He has said he will give you an expected end. So let that fear out and speak the word of God.

  • Confront your fear: What are you scared of? Are you scared of trying something new? Then apply for a new job, a grant, scholarship, pitch an idea to a company, submit a proposal. Whatever it is that you are scared of, confront it today, even if it is a colleague at work, approach the person with
  • Deal with your fears in the place of prayer: Now that you have recognized your fears, and known the steps to eliminate your fears, go before God in prayers. 2 Timothy 1:7 says, “For God has not given us a spirit of fear, but of power and of love and of a sound mind.” That is God’s reality for us. Ask God to give you a sound mind and I believe he will. There is nothing that is a big deal for God. He can handle every one of your fears. Take it to God today, even as you take practical steps.

Eliminating fear completely is possible if you learn to let go of your mistake and bury your failures rather than live by your past. Success can be easily achieved when you have no fear to cripple your mind. Always remember that you can control your emotions, and yes, fear is part of those emotions.

This year, live free of fear.

DR. Dorothy Shallua

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